Polar Grilli M8


Polar Grilli M8 is a high-quality and robust octagonal grill made in Finland by Polar Metalli. You may burn firewood, charcoal or briquettes in the grill. This model does not include a hood; however, you can get a successful grilling result even without one. The standard set of all Polar Grilli units includes a grill grid, which can be used to blaze delicious dishes of fish. You may also use the grill grid for grilling or, for instance, making stews.

Choose either the standard or the high base to match your particular application. The standard grill base may be used, for instance, in a Kota barbecue hut where you sit around the grill. If the grill is used on a terrace, where you stand on your feet while preparing the food, you may prefer the higher base.

Optional Accessories

Protect your floor

Add height to your grill

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The units includes:

  • Grill
  • 8 wooden tables with table brackets
  • Rotating grill grid
  • Small grill grid
  • Coffee pot hook
  • Arched pipe
  • Spark guard


  • Diameter of the grill frame without wooden tables: 70 cm
  • Diameter of the fire pit (inside the spark guards): 56 cm
  • Diameter of the grill with wooden tables: 120 cm
  • Height 56.5 cm (standard base) or 73 cm (higher base)
  • Diameter of the grill gird: 46 cm
  • Package size : 83,5cm x 77,5cm x 44 cm

See the installation instructions and drawings!

The Polar Grilli units are made in Finland of black and zinc-electroplated steel, and they have been coated with heat-resistant paint. The product comes with a two-year warranty.

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At Polar Metalli we use materials of the highest quality for making our grills, and every individual grill is produced with a great deal of care. We have been manufacturing Finnish grills for over 20 years. They will last for years, even in hard use.