Polar Grilli L8


Polar Grilli L8 is a big octagonal high-quality grill for outdoors. With its large work surface, it is everything a grill party host could wish for.

Just like all Polar Grillis, it is made in Finland, from beginning to end, keeping a keen eye on the quality. You may burn firewood, charcoal or briquettes in the grill – whichever suits you best.

Optional Accessories

Protect your floor

Add height to your grill

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The unit includes:

  • Grill
  • 8 wooden tables with table brackets
  • Cover plate for the base with a handle
  • Rotating grill grid
  • Small grill grid
  • Coffee pot hook
  • Arched pipe
  • Spark guard


  • Diameter of the grill frame without wooden tables: 91 cm
  • Diameter of the grill with wooden tables: 141 cm
  • Height from the ground to the table surface: 67 cm
  • Diameter of the grill gird: 46 cm
  • Grillpackage size : 100cm x 92cm x 48cm

See the installation instructions and drawings!

The Polar Grilli units are made in Finland of black and zinc-electroplated steel, and they have been coated with heat-resistant paint. The product comes with a two-year warranty.

Website: www.polargrilli.com/
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At Polar Metalli we use materials of the highest quality for making our grills, and every individual grill is produced with a great deal of care. We have been manufacturing Finnish grills for over 20 years. They will last for years, even in hard use.