Frequently Asked Questions



What is the material of which the Polar Grilli is made?
Polar Grilli products are made of steel sheet, zinc-electroplated steel and stainless steel of different thickness. The fire grate on the bottom of the Grilli is made of cast iron. The table tops are made of glulam pine panels.

How do I select a grill that is appropriate for my application?
If you select the grill for your barbecue hut or another similar building, you should take into consideration the diameter of the grill with its table tops installed. This information is provided in the product data sheet of each Polar Grilli. The S and M series of Polar Grilli are suited for ca 10 m² grilling shed/gazebo, while Polar Grilli L series can be installed in a grilling shed/gazebo with the area of ca 15 m².

May the Polar Grilli be used without the hood?
Yes it may be. In this case, the grill is equipped with an arched pipe for attaching the barbecue utensils. However, when used in a barbecue hut, the grill might need a hood set.

Is it possible to burn wood in a Polar Grilli?
You may burn both wood and charcoal in a Polar Grilli. When you burn wood, it is advisable to make sure that wood is dry, in which case they do not generate much smoke. Logs with much bark are also prone to generate smoke.

May a Polar Grilli be stored outdoors?
A Polar Grilli unit may be kept outdoors as it is, but for winter it is advisable to place it in a dry room. If the grill is installed permanently in a barbecue hut, a gazebo or another similar structure, it is advisable to cover the chimney pipe such that the fire pit is protected against snow. The table tops of a Polar Grilli are made of untreated glulam panels, which means that they should be treated with oil, varnish or paint before use.

Are the chimney pipes insulated?
The chimney pipes available in the online store do not include insulation. Generally, it is sufficient if the diameter of the opening for the pipe is made slightly larger than the pipe itself, so that you can place some rock wool between the pipe and the roof. Fire safety requirements are always place-specific, and therefore it is advisable to contact the local fire authorities for specific instructions.

It is possible to order an insulated chimney pipe by contacting the customer service at, or by phone +358 400 284 400.