Enamelled grill net for Polar Grilli M6


Out of stock. Available again in the spring 2024.

With enamelled grill net, you can take advantage of a larger part of the fire pit surface. The net has two parts, and you can use one or both of them, as needed. The price applies to both halves.

This model is suited for Polar Grilli M6.

Adding charcoal or firewood is easy: you may lift one net, or open up both sides. Enamelled grill net is placed on top of the spark guard. Please note that the spark guard is delivered with a Polar Grilli unit, and is not included in the enamelled grill net set.

Out of stock

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  • Colour: black
  • The set includes 2 grill nets
  • Suited for Polar Grilli M6

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