Polar Campfire Grill


The perfect choice when you want to conjure up both a camp atmosphere and delicious grilled treats in your yard, at your cabin, or even at the beach!

A convenient Finnish campfire grill which can be attached to the ground with spikes and has a curved tube over the top, a hook for a coffee pot, a good-sized, round grilling surface (Ø 50 cm) of top quality, and the necessary locking rings.

This campfire grill prepares your steaks, sausages, and other summer grill favorites, plus it has a steplessly turnable grilling surface for the open-fire cooking of salmon and the broiling of fish.

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  • Top curved tube: zinced, thin-walled metal tube. The tube’s diameter is 25 mm. The grilling surface, the hook for the coffee pot and the locking rings are attached to the tube.
  • Locking rings: 2 pcs. Attached to the curved tube for securing the other equipment (grilling surface/broiler and hook for coffee pot).
  • Ground/attachment spikes: 2 pcs. To be pressed into the ground. The curved tube is attached on top of them.
  • The steplessly adjustable grilling surface, which can also be used for open-fire cooking of fish. Materials: stainless steel (the broiler grate) and black iron powder-coated with heat resistant paint (the black grilling surface and the handle).
  • The hook for the coffee pot: black iron



  • Grilling surface: 50 cm (diameter)
  • Tube/grill: 66 cm (width) x 77 cm (height)
  • Weight: ca 10 kg

See the installation instructions and drawings!

The Polar Campfire Grill has one-year warranty.

Manufacturer: Polar Metalli Oy

Country of manufacture: Finland

How to grill fish on Polar Campfire


Making glow-fried salmon
Move the grilling surface off the fire. Put foil on top of the grilling surface: it’s fine for it to go well beyond the edges of the surface. Put the oiled and salted fish filet on top of the black grilling surface, skin down. Attach the stainless steel broiler grate to the grilling surface on top of the fish, so that the fish does not fall. Now set the grilling surface/fish almost fully upright on top of the embers. The heat is at the right level when it doesn’t burn your hand when you hold it near the fish. While roasting, keep oiling the fish so that it doesn’t dry out and/or get stuck to the grate. Keep turning the grilling surface with the handle so the fish roasts evenly.

Broiling small fish
Move the grilling surface off the fire. Oil the black grilling surface and the stainless steel broiler grate. Press the small, salted fish between the grilling surface and the broiler grate so that they do not fall. Position the grilling surface/fish horizontally above the embers. Keep flipping the grilling surface/broiler so the fish roast evenly.