Grill Grid for Polar Grilli M6


The Grill Grid for Polar Grilli M6 is an excellent utensil for grilling, as well as for blazing and broiling of fish. When used for blazing, it is a safer alternative than the traditional blazing board, because with the board there is the risk that the wooden board could catch fire.

During the blazing/broiling process, the fish is held between the steel grate and the grill grid. When meat or vegetable is grilled, the steel grate is removed, and the food being grilled is placed on the grill grid. The height and the cooking angle of the grill grid are steplessly adjustable.

The grill grid can be fastened to a pipe of 2.5 cm in diameter (not included in the grill grid set), see Steel Pipe. Thanks to its handy fastening system, the grill grid can be easily removed for cleaning.

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  • Hexagonal: compatible with Polar Grilli M6
  • Diameter: 41.5 cm
  • Material: powder coated steel and stainless steel
  • Includes the grill grid, the removable steel grate, and the adjustment fastener and collar


Place the salmon fillet onto the foil (skin side towards the foil), and secure the fish in the grill grid with the steel grate. Set the grill grid into the blazing position. You can decide the right distance by placing your palm for a moment between the salmon fillet and the embers. If the heat does not burn your palm right away, then the temperature is right for blazing.

Brush the fish from time to time with melted butter. This prevents the fish from drying out, or sticking to the grate. If you wish, you may salt the fillet 2–3 hours before cooking; in this case you do not need to add salt to the melted butter. If, for instance, the tail end of the fish cooks faster, you can turn the grill grid easily to the other side of the grill. This brings the other end of the fish closer to the fire.

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